GUESTS - Alison LeFevre, Sarah Foster, Dawn Jull


Visit the gallery to see the work of three jewellers





Alison LeFevre (Alf)
Alf is the creative force behind ‘The Soldersmith’. She is a designer and professional jeweller specialising in sterling silver and gold jewellery.
Her pieces are a fusion of raw authenticity and bold style, reflecting influences of Brutalist architecture and experimental design. Rejecting the conventional, Alf’s creations are unapologetically robust, with an effortless wearability that resonates with anyone looking for unique expressions of style.  Unlike the mainstream, Alf shuns the notion of dainty jewellery, preferring instead to fashion statement pieces that evoke individuality and personality. Her jewellery can be a silent proclamation of identity, allowing each piece to speak volumes on behalf of the individuals who wear them.
Alf also runs workshops for beginner’s and for couples from her garden studio. She is also a Sessional Tutor in Silversmithing with Kent Adult Education.



Sarah Foster
In recent years, Sarah has been attending Jewellery Making classes at the local Kent Adult Education centers in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, as a result of these Sarah has learnt the skills to be able to make a range of original silver jewellery pieces.  Sarah particularly favours an abstract theme, so her designs are mostly based on simple shapes and forms, which are worked together to form cohesive final results.  Her passion for the re-use of materials and the repurposing of existing jewellery and precious metals, means that Sarah's items are predominantly made of recycled materials.



Dawn Jull
Dawn has been a silversmith for around 7 years and has a small garden workshop where she creates her designs as a hobby. Her work begins using sterling silver, copper or brass, in sheet or wire form, which is manipulated into shape and then soldered, filed, hammered, textured and polished by hand using traditional methods and tools. Dwan likes to focus on shape and pattern, incorporating surface texture to bring life to her pieces. She enjoys wandering through the countryside and by the sea where she finds the concepts of her designs and items to use in her work.
Dawn is very proud to have been given a chance to exhibit at ArtSpring Gallery.