WES233, Orange sapphire earrings

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Fair mined Sapphire, 18k gold, sterling silver

By Camilla West

Set in 18k gold, incredible Fair mined colour change Nyala sapphires from Malawi shine a pinkish russet in natural light and fiery orange in artificial light. The sapphires are named after the rare Nyala antelope, which is native to the area in southern Malawi where these gems are mined.The gemstones are closely tracked from their origins in the mine and handled according to strict protocols, including environmental protection, health and safety and fair labor practices, with a tight chain of custody. Mining is small scale and artisanal and the land is restored and replanted with native plants after excavation. Miners and gem cutters are paid fairly and use appropriate safety equipment and practices. The earrings are individually handmade (not cast) and the rest of each of them is made from heat-textured and oxidised sterling silver. They are hallmarked on the reverse.