Sarah studied Design Crafts at university, specialising in silversmithing and ceramics, and she has since enjoyed a successful teaching career. Throughout her explorations of different disciplines Sarah’s work has consistently been informed by the study of figurative form, botanics, and art history. Allegorical art is of key interest; plants and people become metaphors to explore connections between the past and present, nature and mankind and reflections on the human experience. 

Creating art has been integral to Sarah’s life, and in recent years understanding how her neurodiversity has shaped her interactions with the world has been important in developing her practice. Being immersed in nature brings a sense of calm, restoration and revival and therefore botanical forms are central to her work. Having Aphantasia, Sarah is unable to conjure visual images through imagination, therefore the act of making marks and recording visual ideas through drawing has been almost an impulsive urge and vital for recalling memories. Her vivid ideas arrive as thoughts and are translated through the act of making.